In the beginning was the T-shirt


       CityZen®, it means, in particular, unique T-shirts which do not show sweat, which are dirt-resistant and which reduce body odour. In addition, they are made of premium cotton and intended for daily wearing. Since its establishment in 2018, the Czech brand CityZen® has sold tens of thousands of T-shirts. Those who have tried out a CityZen® T-shirt are happy to come back for another one. And they do not hide their delight. “As early as at the very beginning, we were convinced that we had a great product. That people would appreciate the properties of our T-shirts and that those who tend to sweat more would find our T-shirts literally life-changing. We didn’t doubt that. But we weren’t sure if people would find out about them - because of all the marketing communications flooding them. I am happy that it worked out. The T-shirts are very popular, and it is just thanks to their success that we could come up with other innovations,” says Pavel Hrstka, one of the founders of CityZen® (on the left in the picture). The production including the unique finish due to which the cotton fabric does not show wetness is the responsibility of René Němeček (in the middle). Finance is supervised by Martin Burkoň (on the right). The men’s and women’s T-shirts were quickly followed by stylish polo-shirts and invisible T-shirts to be worn under a shirt. CityZen® opened a brand new chapter by developing antibacterial men’s boxers, a 2021 novelty. Everything that CityZen® does is distinguished by unique properties, high-quality materials and precise workmanship. No compromise.

 Why wear a CityZen® T-shirt